Fundamentals Of The Joy Life


What does a joy-based life even mean? It sounds great but are we kidding ourselves? Can joy really help us? Let’s start with this quote about joy.

Joy is not just a feeling. Joy is an intelligence, an anchor, a

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Let Joy Change The Punishment Mindset

One of the enduring ways in which people control others is through punishment. And when something negative happens, the question arises, since we like to make meaning, did the person deserve to be “punished.”

Punishment has been used for thousands …

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3 Reasons Joy Can Elude You


I have wondered my whole life why there is so little joy in the world, given that most of us want to be happy.

Joy is an important and healthy quality. I have discovered that most people do not fully …

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Is Change The Enemy?


When I take a step back from all that is happening right now – the dangers and the drama – I have to marvel at how difficult we have made it to change anything. It is worth taking a look …

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The Joy Of Meeting The Moment

meeting the moment

One of my favorite phrases is “meeting the moment.”

Do you know what it is?

Have you ever had the experience of meeting the moment?

Meeting the moment is more than being present. It is what you do when you …

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5 Ways To Reclaim Lost Joy

lost joy

Joy is challenging to come by in our complex and troubled world. If you struggle with it, you are not alone.  .

According to Ayurveda, the ancient health care system, joy is our natural state. If that is so, why …

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