The New Skill: Ecological Thinking

ecological thinking

Photo by Nitish Kadam on Unsplash

Humans have been running on left-brained, linear thinking for a long time. It has accomplished a lot, but its limitations are also evident.

What Is Linear Thinking?

Linear thinking is based on the idea …

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The Secret Gift Of Being Present

Photo by Santiago Martin on Unsplash

Being present offers a secret gift.

Being present is something we are increasingly exhorted to be – something that identifies us as a good person.

It\’s a shame because being present has the capacity …

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Embracing The Taboo Of Loss

Image: Ales Krivac – Unsplash

You may have noticed that in modern culture if you notice or experience sad feelings related to loss of some kind, those feelings are often denigrated or worse condemned. Modern culture has a strong bias …

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Joy: The Lost Power


What is power really?

Most of us learn that power comes from the use of force or the accumulation of resources. According to Merriam Webster, power can be grouped into 3 main categories:

aphysical might
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