Joy: A Different Kind Of Bold


Joy is a different kind of bold. It lets us imagine new possibilities and tap into new sources of power to heal ourselves and the challenged world we call home. When we exchange ideas about scarcity for the freedom of being and having enough, we make space for ourselves, each other, and the needs of nature.

Embracing having and being enough means we can chill and go easier on ourselves and others. We, therefore, have space for the natural flow of what poet David Whyte calls "the conversational nature of reality." Embracing this new way opens the door to joy.

Joy invites fresh, cherishing energy and a way to love ourselves and our lives. Since we are embedded in the natural and human world, we can think of joy actively and playfully as a skill or practice. This is how we create all sorts of openings for ourselves and others through fresh possibilities.

The Magic of Joy is a place for the questions we need to ask, and that beg to be asked so we can rethink how we live to create something new. It is a pathway to a new way of being.

Joy is not just a feeling. Joy is an intelligence, an anchor, a practice, a skill, and a compass. Joy is a way to make friends with ourselves, each other, and nature. It is time to make the spirit of friendship that joy creates a living reality in our lives.