Joy: A Different Kind Of Bold

Get rid of invented dramas.

Discover how a joy practice makes believing in yourself easy.

Uncover a natural low-conflict sovereignty  that reclaims agency.

Develop the energy sophistication that puts you in the driver's seat.

Discover how the good in you, others, and the common good naturally fosters joy and turns life into an adventure again.

Would you like more joy in your life? 

Inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born.

-David Whyte

Have You Wanted To Say, "Enough Is enough!"?

Are you constantly feeling out of sync with the world and people around you because your values are different?


Are you drowning under the weight of unresolved problems, including social ills and violence?


Do social negativity and verbal violence have you retreating from life out of self-preservation?


Do you ever feel like you cannot handle more conflict caused by our difficult times and fear for your survival?


Are you confused about what to change or how to change and feel stuck in the same problems over and over so you are feeling more discouraged?


Do you balk at living on your own terms because you do not fully believe in yourself?

Joy is not just a feeling. Joy is an intelligence, an anchor, a practice, a skill, and a compass. Joy is a way to make friends with ourselves, each other, and nature. It is time to make the spirit of friendship that joy creates a living reality in our lives.

Maria Hill

How I Went From Fear To Joy-Based Living

My name is Maria Hill. I grew up in an intensely authoritarian and fear-based family with all the negativity that comes with that. I knew from an early age that something was wrong. I also tried to influence the negativity around me and failed miserably. I was baffled about why life was so miserable when it did not have to be. What I did not know was that changing from a fear-based life to a joy-centered one was more involved than I thought, but I intended to find a way.

A lot of people like myself are doing beautiful work to improve how they show up in the world. I admire anyone who bravely challenges themselves. I am on that path myself. One mystery for me was why with all of the work I was doing, the problems of negativity were not going away. It was only when I discovered some frameworks around culture and personal development that I had the insights I needed to release myself from the false system of authoritarianism. To do that, I developed the knowledge, energy tools, and foundations for living in a joy-based place. I discovered I needed a lot more than techniques to make this journey. Some people think it is impossible to heal from authoritarianism. I know that is not true if you know the hidden patterns about how culture works and the energy skills, practices, and a pathway that frees you from its toxicity.

I created the Magic of Joy to share what I have learned so people can shift from a fear-based life to a joy-based one. It is a pathway that clears the negative inheritance of the past, rebalances the masculine and feminine energies, provides energy practices for gentle and profound shifts, aligns mind, body, emotions, and energy, and helps you reclaim and express your authentic self. The result is a transformation to a happier, freer, and joy-based life for yourself and others.

I am a coach, the creator of Sensitive Evolution, a platform for sensitive people, and the author of The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World.

I am also a Reiki Master, a Certified Theta Healer, long-time meditator, and I have incorporated many Ayurveda practices into my life. In addition, I am an abstract painter and have a lifelong interest in human and animal rights.

I am a sensitive, heart-centered, introvert with emotional trauma in my background.  It sounds pretty bad when I put all that in one sentence, but I share it because I want to let everyone know how much Maria Hill’s programs have changed my life.


I went from a shy and frightened person who always focused on what could potentially go wrong to a person who is hopeful, joyful, optimistic, and feels ready to handle the good and bad things that happen.  I’ve been working with Maria Hill for seven years, and she has changed my life.  Let her do the same for you.


Amelia, Randelman, NC



Learn how much negativity is really a cultural legacy and not about you.


Find that setting boundaries is natural and easy on a path of joy.


Blossom by being grounded in joy and easily celebrating the good in you, others, and life.


Enjoy discernment and clarity about what is yours and what is not, releasing fear and anxiety.


Gain control of your energy and mindset so each day is a beautiful adventure.


Feel excited about your ability to navigate our big changes with ease,


Align your mind, body, emotions, and energy for a relaxed and easily present way of living. 


Can say yes to yourself and your dreams instead of yes to unnecessary dramas


Love your new possibilities because you have moved to a new life anchored in joy.


We are all conditioned to fit in and conform. However, we are created to reform and redefine to be human. Creating is all about expressing our own unique self. Maria's course material and coaching provided me with knowledge and safety to stop the resistance and move into the awareness of my being.

Tammy, BC

Magic Of Joy Program Overview

The Magic Of Joy Program accomplishes several important objectives. It releases wounds from this lifetime as well as the legacy baggage of mistaken beliefs and mindsets from the past, all while providing you with the perspective and information you need to embrace the changes of our time. 

It accomplishes this working with cultural frameworks, the identity and other dynamics that limit us and energy practices and skills including Theta Healing.

The video discusses why this is important and the information below shows you what each stage of the program offers you.


Stage 1

The Challenge Of Our Times

Explore the poosibilities in our current cultural shift through Spiral Dynamics and the new foundations that will make a joy life possible.


Stage 2

Claim And Own Your Energy

Learn various energy exercises for befriending all aspects of yourself, making agency (action) easier, along with important energy practices of quantum healing, gratitude, and manifesting to invite the freedom that a joy practice offers.


Stage 3

Master Culture

A deep dive into culture through Spiral Dynamics to understand the harmful legacy of authoritarianism to release ourselves from it and claim our sovereignty and the joyful life that is possible.


Stage 4

Develop Personal Sovereignty

Claim your personal sovereignty by transforming your Loyal Soldier and releasing yourself from the false promises of the fear-based world of negativity and entitlement. Reclaim yourself from fear-based codependence and learn how a joy practice supports a beautiful competence and heals all these issues.


Stage 5

Invite Inspiration And Thriving

Using the joy-based foundation of the 3 Cs, we learn how to rework our energy using the 12 Joy Archetypes. They free your energy without inviting conflict and are fun for you and good for others.


Stage 6

Move Into Joy

Delve into the practical aspects of shifting into joy, including creating a new social contract. Consider new possibilities with a model created for these times of change and address key shifts in identity, purpose, work, and relationships.


Stage 7

Create Your Life Of Joy

Begin the transition process by exploring what it entails, and how to block out a process for yourself. Discover Important ways joy helps with creating new habits so that you can maintain your direction and your momentum.

Who Benefits Most From This Program?

The Magic Of Joy Program is designed for mid-life and older women who have been out in the world and are ready to take the next step in making life more rewarding and joyful. They are seeking greater fulfillment, more authentic ways of living, clarity about toxic cultural dynamics,  and the energy skills to develop their inner Queen energy: the beautiful wise energy of the mature woman.


Independent women seeking greater ease and fulfillment.


Women at a transition point in their lives, who know they deserve better. 

joy santana

Women developing their mature Queen energy and persona.

Joy makes friends with reality and the unknown. - Maria Hill

What's Included In The 8-Week Program

Learning Community

Mighty Networks community with the course modules and opportunity to learn with others.

Weekly Videos

Each week you will have 7-12 videos on that week's stage of the Magic Of Joy Program.

Weekly Calls

Our weekly calls go into depth, connecting the dots to bring cultural and other insights to life.

Learning Prompts

Each video offer you the opportunity to connect it with your own experience .


In-depth healings during weekly calls designed to remove stuck energy and mindsets.

Library Of Mini Healings

A library of mini healings on specific topic like confidence etc to tap into as needed.


Large resource section on culture, energy exercises, and skills for these times we live in.


Readily available support from your instructor during the program about any questions you may have.

Bonus Ebooks

3 books: Overcoming The Pleaser, Reclaiming The Rebel, How Joy squashes Violence


A Hidden Gem - A Magical Adventure


The Magic of Joy course is a hidden gem. A gem that is polished and beautiful.

I’ve followed many courses in personal development, but this one is different. Maria has built a course that connects the dots. The dots of my past which haven’t always been easy and with an overwhelm of EMOTION. Maria has helped me to THINK and UNDERSTAND why those dots were a struggle and given me space to not identify myself as much with the negative. Those dots can actually become a smily goofy picture!

Throughout this magical adventure (not a journey! It didn’t feel laborious at all!) she has designed a toolkit for the head, heart and soul, (tools, poetry, meditations, videos, calls, email exchanges ..) which have led me to this deeper overall sense of Joyful possibility. I am so grateful and excited about the future!


Brussels, Belgium

Profound Depth - Fresh - Uplifting


Maria’s program offers a fresh and well-researched take on empaths and human development.

The learning and growth, and camaraderie for empaths are wonderful. And combined with the healing sessions that are incorporated, this Sunday morning class has become my uplifting and educational form of ‘going to church’.

Because there is so much in the Magic Of Joy course, a profound depth, I’ve been joining in repeatedly and will continue to do so.”


Wilmington, DE, USA 


Preregister For The Magic Of Joy Program 

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The course is offered over an 8-week span. Each week you will have 7-12 videos which are relatively short in order to learn some important concepts about culture, energy, identity, and these changing times. I would allow several house for the videos so you have a chance to digest the material and I would suggest doing some journaling also. The calls are weekly on Sundays. You will need 1 1/2 hours for the calls. I would also suggest that you make time to connect with others in the program. 


You have lifetime access to the program. 

We offer generous compensation for referrals through our affiliate program.

In the first 10 days of the program, if for any reason you need to cancel your participation in the program, we will refund your payment, no questions asked.

Enrollment is at least once a year. Once the course starts enrollment will be closed until the next enrollment period for the next scheduled course.