How A Joy Practice Improves Life

joy practice

Our world, built on fear and control,  does not offer the safety, nourishment, and sustainability needed to have quality of life. Given the ecological dangers we are facing, a change is essential. We cannot create the deep change we need unless we can reconsider fear as the basis for how we do life. 

What is the alternative to fear? What would make trust and collaboration easier? A joy practice will do that.

We must make life easier, saner, safer, and more nourishing. Fear often activates the worst in people, and our culture encourages fear. we can change this dynamic when we understand what joy is .

Joy is not just a feeling. Joy is an intelligence, an anchor, a practice, a skill, and a compass. Joy is a way to make friends with ourselves, each other, and nature. It is time to make the spirit of friendship that joy creates a living reality in our lives.

What does it then mean to transfer our main investment from fear to joy?

A Joy Practice Creates A Major Mental And Energetic Shift.

Here are some benefits of cultivating a joy practice. It will

  • make you aware of the good in you so you appreciate yourself more.
  • help you see the good in others so you stay away from us-vs-them dynamics.
  • calm the inner critic because you are automatically constructive.
  • becomes an energetic boundary that blocks toxic energies naturally.
  • help you be present easily and also focused on what you can do.
  • make aligning with change easier since you have perspective on where to invest your energy.
  • help you feel glad to be alive.
  • create space for yourself so you are not consumed with drama.
  • make self-care a no-brainer.
  • reduce conflict in your life because you align with joy creators not stonewallers.
  • help you forgive because you will know you are making the best of your life.

These are specific, tangible benefits of a joy practice. More importantly, a joy practice is a wonderful way to create the best possible life for yourself and those around you. It brings out the best in you and others. At the collective level, it fosters trust and collaboration. It supports the good in you and others as well as the common good.

A joy practice is the spirit of friendship in action. We can all use more friendship in this world.

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About Maria Hill

Founder of Magic Of Joy, Sensitive Evolution, and author of The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World, and creator of the Emerging Sensitive Program and the Magic Of Joy Program. The Magic of Joy provides a pathway so people can shift from a fear-based life to a joy-based one. It clears the negative inheritance of the past, rebalances the masculine and feminine energies, provides energy practices for gentle and profound shifts, aligns mind, body, emotions, and energy, and helps you reclaim and express your real self. Based on important cultural and personal development frameworks and healing modalities, the result is a transformation that helps you manifest a grounded, freer, and joy-based life.

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