Where The Hope Is


Hope is not just a feeling. It is also something we can create. Our actions and choices, and how we design our cultures, play a significant role in the amount of hope that we have. 

What Is Real Hope?

It …

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The Little Known Benefit Of Tenderness


Between the fighting and heart hurt consuming our news and attention and the numbness of our industrial work, it can be hard to be hopeful and joyful. So, is there a way? I think there is. It comes from cultivating …

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How Fundamental Will Change Be

fundamental change

We will be experiencing fundamental change in how we think and live, what priorities will consume our time, and what kinds of success we will strive for. No aspect of life will be untouched by the profound changes that are …

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The Special Importance Of Space


Space is important as a source of information, not just in having a space to live. When we talk about scarcity, we usually talk about stuff. It could be important stuff like a roof over our heads, food, and other …

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I am sharing this piece by David Whyte because of his beautiful articulation of the deeply felt experience of living, especially in gratitude. Please visit his website for more of his writings and programs. They are worth your time and …

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50 Impacts From A Joy Practice

joy practice

When we talk about joy as a joy practice, we are talking about it as a foundation for our lives. It is not just a byproduct of some nice event in our lives, It is our intention and the positive …

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The Gift From Leaving Scarcity


Scarcity is hard to deal with. No one likes the feeling of loss and disappointment, and we do a lot to minimize it. However, loss, like frustration, is not a simple thing. That is because, left to our own devices, …

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How To Welcome Healthy Frustration


Not all frustration is equal. Once we get a handle on frustation, we can ease our feelings about what is not working for us.

Different Kinds Of Frustration

Let’s talk about different kinds of frustration:

  • learning. There is a
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A Revolution In Power


Violence has been a source of power for thousands of years. Empires have been built through the use of violent power. Control over various groups has been maintained through violence. We see it all of the time.

Violence makes certain …

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