End Disappointment Bullying

disappointment bullying

We all know what it is like to feel disappointed. It is a feeling of being let down. That means that we had reason to expect something other than the result that we received. So disappointment does not just occur …

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Has The Courage Penalty Affected You?

courage penalty

Have you noticed how much effort goes into suppressing the natural desire of people to live well, to be themselves, and to enjoy life?

We are offered a world that generates a constant diet of trauma. We are being herded …

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The Secret Gift Of Being Present

Photo by Santiago Martin on Unsplash

Being present offers a secret gift.

Being present is something we are increasingly exhorted to be – something that identifies us as a good person.

It\’s a shame because being present has the capacity …

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The Happy Groundedness Of Joy


Life is difficult. Life is serious. Life is hard. Beliefs can be the “ground” of human society, but that is not the same as groundedness.

Our beliefs are reflected in how we create our world and do what we do. …

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Joy: The Lost Power


What is power really?

Most of us learn that power comes from the use of force or the accumulation of resources. According to Merriam Webster, power can be grouped into 3 main categories:

aphysical might
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