Has The Courage Penalty Affected You?

courage penalty

Have you noticed how much effort goes into suppressing the natural desire of people to live well, to be themselves, and to enjoy life?

We are offered a world that generates a constant diet of trauma. We are being herded …

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The New Skill: Ecological Thinking

ecological thinking

Photo by Nitish Kadam on Unsplash

Humans have been running on left-brained, linear thinking for a long time. It has accomplished a lot, but its limitations are also evident.

What Is Linear Thinking?

Linear thinking is based on the idea …

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The Emergence Of The Outsiders

Photo: Nikola Johnny – Mirkovic – Unsplash

From the beginning of time, there have been outsiders.

Who Are Outsiders?

Outsiders are different from everyone else in some way. They are a special group of people who have developed skills and …

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Embracing The Taboo Of Loss

Image: Ales Krivac – Unsplash

You may have noticed that in modern culture if you notice or experience sad feelings related to loss of some kind, those feelings are often denigrated or worse condemned. Modern culture has a strong bias …

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Healing Legacy Authoritarian Trauma


Many people think hierarchies are the normal and natural way for people to organize.

For thousands of years, humans have lived in hierarchical, mostly authoritarian societies. The mindsets, beliefs, and practices of these cultural arrangements have been passed from one …

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The Myth About Pleasing


” I am such a pleaser.” I hear this all the time. It sounds like an indictment, a disparagement, and a shame. Perhaps it is not the entire truth – let’s see if we can get some perspective.

So many …

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Neglect And Change


During times of great change like now, we are bumping up against issues and problems that have been neglected for a long time. Often what has been neglected is also what has been taken for granted.

Neglect is not a …

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Time For A Joy Pyramid?

joy pyramid

Most people have heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, created in the 1940s.  Maslow offered us a way to visualize personal growth as a process achieved through the satisfaction of a series of basic needs.  We all have certain fundamental …

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