The Illusion Of Inadequacy


Inadequacy is a judgment. Therefore, it is a perception and not necessarily the truth. Inadequacy or the suggestion of it is a way to make someone or something wrong, unsuitable, a mistake, or rejectable. By making someone inadequate, we treat …

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The Most Important Belief To Change

belief to change

There is one belief that is the most essential belief you need to change if you want a permanent shift in your life.

Where Do Beliefs Come From?

Sometimes, it can seem that beliefs come from our minds. They seem …

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How A Joy Practice Eliminates Withholding


Have you had the experience of someone withholding something from you? There are many kinds of withholding. When people mention it, sexual withholding often comes to mind, but withholding is a much bigger and more important form of abuse than …

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The Age Of The Queen


Women are being set free to come into their power in a way impossible in the past. That begs the question: what new way can we use our talent, experience and energy?

A New Queen Awaits

The Queen energy we …

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Could Your Identity Be A Burden?


Identity is something we all seek as a way to understand ourselves. It is natural to want to know as much as possible about ourselves. It is essential to develop an understanding of our gifts and abilities. So why are …

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How To Transform Feelings Of Desperation Part 1


With all that we have in material support, it seems strange that we have so much suffering and desperation. Desperation feels awful.

Desperation – What Is It?

According to vocabulary,.com, desperation is
Desperation is a hopeless state. If you learned

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Rejection And Loyalty


When we experience rejection, sometimes it is based on something remiss in what we have done, but too often, it occurs because we do not conform to societal norms. However, we rarely get a direct and honest explanation for our …

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The Mixed Blessing Of Loyalty


I remember when I was young, feeling very confused about the rejection I experienced from those around me. It did not make sense. What was wrong with playing with the girl next door, or wanting to read or do other …

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Distrust Should Not be A Weapon


We have huge amounts of distrust in our social space. Distrust is not intrinsically harmful but can be. It all depends on the reason and source for the distrust. If it is not true, we must be missing something. 

Why …

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